Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1.0 Introduction

1.1 This web site is an online service of Dot Tips Media Limited (referred to below as, ‘we’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’, ‘The Site’ or ‘This Site’)

1.2 This website is aimed at the United Kingdom and European Union markets. We cannot confirm that it is in line with local laws of other countries.

1.3 If You are outside the boundaries of the European Union, or do not agree to the set Terms and Conditions, please do not access The Site.

1.4 The Terms and Conditions (referred to below as ‘T&C’s’, ‘Terms of Use’ or ‘Terms & Conditions’) apply to all and any Use of The Site. By Accessing The Site You are bound by the full Terms of Use. We reserve the right to amend, update or restructure the Terms & Conditions at any time. We may amend the Terms & Conditions from time to time and any amendments, updates or restructuring will be of an immediate effect upon publication on This Site. You should check the T&C’s regularly to ensure You are aware of the latest updates. We have no obligation to alert You, the User (hereby referred to as ‘You’, ‘User’, ‘Subscriber’ or ‘Visitor’) of any changes or amendments made to the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.

1.5 A serious breach of any Terms of Use may result in the pursuit of You to face court action.

1.6 You must be over the age of 18 to Use The Site and any other assets owned by Dot Tips Media Limited. To Use The Site, You must also be of legal age in Your country to gamble. You must also be using funds which are wholly Yours and of legal sources. Dot Tips Media Limited does not condone Illegal or underage gambling, and is not liable in any manner, to any party; should a User be found in breach of Our Terms and Conditions.

1.7 If for whatever reason, any of the terms and conditions stated here become illegal, invalid or by any means proved not enforceable, that will not affect the enforceability, legality or appropriateness of any other term or condition in the Terms & Conditions of The Site.

1.8 These Terms & Conditions are developed, monitored and governed in accordance with the Laws of England and by agreeing to these terms by the methods detailed here, You irrevocably agree to adhere to the entirely exclusive jurisdiction of the English COurts, within the boundaries of English Law and UK Regulation.

1.9 All company, business, team, and other brand badges seen on The Site remain the copyright of their license holders and are utilised by The Site only for information purposes as to create a better User experience for Our Users.

2.0 Use of This Site

2.1 You may not Use this website or any other assets owned by Dot Tips Media Limited for any unlawful purpose.

2.2 You may not partly or wholly duplicate, broadcast, transmit, publish, store, modify, plagiarise, download, reproduce, or otherwise exploit or Use any of Our website and/or assets for commercial or private reasons, without the written consent of Our Managing Director and Shareholders.

2.3 You are not allowed to Use The Site in any manner which may wholly or partly damage, disable, overburden, stress, impair or disassemble this website or interfere with any other party’s Use of The Site, this include but is not limited to: Users, Partners, employees, owners, visitors or regulators.

3.0 Liabilities & Guarantees

3.1 All reasonable actions and steps have been taken to believe that all information provided by This Site and other assets owned by Dot Tips Limited, including but not limited to Team News, Betting Odds, Line-ups, previous results, general news, fixtures, offers, promotions, statistics, predictions or otherwise original content, is accurate and up-to-date, but no guarantees are made by Dot Tips Media Limited and We take no responsibility or liability for any losses, potential losses, negative externalities or difficulties found by any User, whether financial or by other means.

3.2 The Site and other assets including newsletter, push notifications, social pages and applications contain various links to third party websites and companies. We accept no responsibility or liabilities for any transactions, experiences or relations You may have with any of the 3rd party sites. It is wholly Your responsibility to read all appropriate terms & conditions for each 3rd party site or business. You Use each 3rd party site at Your own risk.

3.3 This Site is for personal Use on an ‘as seen’ basis. We may at times unintentionally provide misinterpretations of information, including but not limited to, news, data, reviews, offers, 3rd party service offerings, advertorials, infographics. The Site may also suffer from occasional jOurnalistic errors such as typographies or opinions displayed in a way which is open to interpretation. The content of This Site is provided without any representations and warranties of any means (whether express or implied by relevant law), and any representations and warranties are (to the fullest allowance permitted by law) are hereby wholly excluded.

3.4 In accordance with the above, to the maximum allowance prescribed by relevant law, we wholly exclude liability for any loss, potential loss, or damage of any kind however so arriving at the User, including but without limitation to any direct, indirect, financial, time, emotional, professional, personal or consequential loss, whether or not such loss arises out of any problem, error or detail You notify Us about. We have no liability for service disruptions or errors made from any issue, Including but not limited to; internet outages, War, Acts of God, fire, flood, sickness, communication performance drops or other means. We have no liability to pay any money, provide any free or reduced rate service or otherwise compensate You, including without limitation to:

3.4.1 The express or implied infringement of any 3rd party Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright, or otherwise protected assets, caused by Your Use of This Site;

3.4.2 Any updates which cause interruptions, errors, delays or otherwise negatively affect the service of The Site

3.4.3 The availability, delays, interruptions, incorrect or unlawful information found at 3rd party sites, which may be linked to The Site through advertisements or recommendations.

3.4.4 Any kind or type of loss which results from the User being subject to malicious software, malware, viruses, hacking or other data theft, hacking or deletion of any means. Whether or not the User has gained such vulnerability through the Use of The Site, other assets or 3rd party websites and businesses.

3.4.5 Any injury or ill health You may suffer as a result of using The Site, in any circumstance, within the limitations of applicable law.

3.4.6 Any losses made as a result of incorrect information found on The Site, including bets placed on particular selections

3.4.7 All of the above liability exclusions aforesaid in the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of This Site.

4.0 Communications

4.1 Betting Tips, Advice and General Information

4.1.1 Our betting information, including but not limited to betting tips, advice and predictions, are given with absolutely no guarantee of profit or returns in any capacity. You follow the advice, predictions and tips wholly at Your own risk.

4.1.2 All of the betting information on This Site are given with the intention of providing Users with the best experience and returns on the bets placed at Your own risk. However, we cannot guarantee the success of Our betting information. By Using The Site, You acknowledge and agree to this.

4.1.3 We may provide any previous tips, success notes and archived information for advisory purposes only and we have the right to publish, unpublish, amend or otherwise change Our previous tips at Our absolute discretion.

4.1.4 The Live Chat Feature on The Site may appear from time to time and the host may recommend certain tips, free bets, sign up offers, opinion and general information which the host may find appropriate for You. Although we allow the support on The Site, the live chat feature falls in line with all terms detailed in the Terms & Conditions. We take no liability for losses of any nature that result from the Live Chat Feature.

4.1.5 We have the right to share the success and failures of Our tips, if You provide the information to Us directly by any means, or on Social Media. We have no obligation to produce the results of Our tips and advice, but may do this at Our discretion for informational purposes only.

4.2 Newsletter

4.2.1 By signing up to be a member of The Site, You consent to receiving emails from Us to keep You up to date with site changes, offers, news and other features such as, but not limited to, advertising, facts, quizzes and competitions

4.2.1 By Subscribing to the Inplay Empire Newsletter, You wholly agree to receive email newsletters from Dot Tips Media Limited assets, including but not limited to all wholly and partly owned websites.

4.2.2 Subscription to Our newsletters are optional and You can unsubscribe at any time.

4.2.3 All newsletters include unsubscribe guidance. We take unsubscriptions very seriously and do all in Our power to ensure an unsubscribe takes place, however, we cannot guarantee an unsubscribe request will be successful and take no liability for errors made, within the scope of applicable law.

4.2.4 We reserve the right to begin and end newsletter services as and when we choose, at any time or moment, without notice to Users.

4.2.5 The frequency of newsletters is not fixed, we reserve the right to send as many or as little newsletters as we wish, within the scope of applicable laws and regulation.

4.2.6 No liabilities to Us may occur from Our Newsletter service, within the limitations of applicable law and regulation.

4.2.7 Whilst we strive to provide an accurate service with minimal errors, we accept no liability for losses of any kind if the newsletter contains information that is incorrect, out of date or misleading.

4.2.8 By Subscribing to Our Newsletter services, You agree to all elements of Our privacy policy detailed on The Site. You agree to Your email address and any further information we collect with Your permission may be used to provide You, the User, with the best possible service We can provide in line with the service intentions of This Site and other Dot Tips Media Limited assets.

4.2.9 You agree to the sharing of Your information, in line with Our privacy policy, to selected third parties. We take no liability for the actions of 3rd parties and external businesses. We will never share Your information with third parties without Your prior consent.

4.2.10 We reserve the right to end, suspend, change any User’s newsletter subscription without providing any reason or notice to the User.

4.3 SMS

4.3.1 By subscribing to SMS via any campaign on any site owned by Dot Tips Media Limited, You consent to receiving SMS at any time, in line with the limitations of UK regulation.

4.3.2 The Site takes no liability for errors made in SMS communications that lead to loss or damages of any kind.

4.3.3 We have the right to exclude or include You in any SMS campaign at Our discretion within the confines of UK law and regulatory standards.

4.4 Push Notifications & Social Media

4.4.1 By subscribing to Our Push Notifications service, You consent to receiving communications from The Site at any time.

4.4.2 The Site and other assets owned by Dot Tips Media Limited take no liability or responsibility for any delays in service, out of date information, errors, limitations of service that relate to the push notification service

4.4.3 The Site is under no obligation to keep a regular push notification service and has the right to provide as little or as many push notifications as We wish, within the confines of law and regulation in the UK

5.0 Rights

5.1 Should You see any content or creative on Our Site that You believe to be a copyright infringement, please contact Us and we will consider whether the published item should be taken down from The Site.

5.2 If You feel as though there is a mistake on the site, please contact Us and we will double check the data we have and cross reference with other sources, we may then take the information of The Site or decide it is accurate to the best reasoning under the circumstances.

5.3 By using This Site, we do not give You any rights or interests in regard to any copyright or intellectual property. You have no right to Use Our copyright or Intellectual party for Your own gain, by means of using on Your own site or to sell for profit to a 3rd party.

5.4 Our Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights extend to the design, look, feel and code written for This Site and other assets owned by Dot Tips Media Limited, including without limitation to all design, imagery, content and development work.

5.5 In line with the points outlined in section 2.0 of the Terms & Conditions, no User may post, print, copy, distribute, display, publish or otherwise Use This Site and/ or the information provided on The Site for the benefit of any other website, project or business without prior written consent of Us or the relevant licence holder.

6.0 Termination

6.1 We are entitled to terminate the Terms & Conditions and without hesitation remove, disable, cancel or suspend any access the The Site if You are to breach, or suspected of breaching any of the Terms & Conditions detailed here, at Our total discretion.

6.2 Termination of Use will be without any any prejudice to the rights of any party involved.

7.0 Promotions and Offers

7.1 From time to time We may provide competitions and prizes on The Site at Our own discretion.

7.2 To enter, You must fit the appropriate criteria of Our general Terms & Conditions, including but not limited to You being 18 Years of Age or older and have the bill/account holders permission to enter the competition.

7.3 All Competitions and prize draws provided on any Dot Tips Media Limited website are for UK, Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Island residents only, and are not available to any staff members of Dot Tips Media Limited, their immediate family and the staff members of any prize draw or competition sponsor company

7.4 Any entries made by agencies, third parties, or with incorrect, corrupted or by other means false information will not count as valid entries.

7.5 All entries must be submitted by the deadline noted on the specific competition page, within the timeframe of the competition going live and ending.

7.6 We may cancel, remove, amend, vary, close or finalise any competition or prize draw, at anytime, at Our absolute discretion

7.7 Any winners will be notified by email or SMS to declare they have won, we have no obligation to publish the winners, but may do so with their consent.

7.8 If the Winner does not claim his prize within 14 days of the first declaration of the winner, we reserve the right to hold the winner as no longer valid due to expiry. In any case, we shall pursue the winner by Our very best means to allow them enough notification and time to come forward. Any arguments to why winnings were not claimed, will be handled on a case by case basis. We will fairly determine the outcome within the limitations of UK law, if the expired winner can provide appropriate reason and evidence as to why their ability to claim the prize was totally inhibited.

7.9 The prize for each competition and prize draw is mainly detailed on each competition entry and confirmation page, however, if the prize becomes unavailable, the prize will be replaced with a substitute prize of equal value.

7.10 It is prohibited for prizes to be resold,  reloaded or awarded to any third party outside of the winner & The Site relationship for monetization purposes.

7.11 The winner may be required to participate in publicity events and publications on behalf of the sponsor or The Site

7.12 Entrants data may be used for purposes such outlined in section 4.0, including but not limited to email newsletters, SMS, retargeting, social ads and push notifications.

7.13 The Site may from time to time display competitions run by third parties. The Site is not in any way associated with these competition and takes no responsibility or liability for any instance associated with such competitions and prize draws. Third party competitions and prize draws are only displayed by The Site or communicated to You by any means, for informational purposes as seen appropriate by Us.

7.14 Events may occur which render the competition awarding and completion to not be feasible, due to reasons beyond the control of Us or a third party sponsor, in this case we may vary, cancel or amend the competition at Our discretion, without liability to entrants, within the limitations of English Law

7.15 There are no alternative prizes available to winners unless expressly detailed by The Site.

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