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£10 to £1000 challenge - Todays Inplay Tips
KICK-OFF:Monday – 9:30 AM Start
  • BET: 1
  • EVENT: Monday – 9:30 AM Start
  • TIP:
  • STAKE: £30
  • RETURNS: £

If you are unable to find this bet at your bookmaker, it will be available at ComeOn!, if you do not have a ComeOn! account, get one here


What are the reasons?

How To Get Free Football Tips Now

As you may know, we win the £10 to £1000 challenge between two and four times each month

If you would like to read all about our betting strategy for inplay betting tips, just follow the link here.

1)      We base all of our Inplay tips on NetBet Odds and Markets.

  1. NetBet have more valuable in play betting markets than bet365, don’t take down markets and don’t cut your stake when you start winning. So, for us, that’s great news.
  2. A lot of this is down to NetBet not having the same software and resources that big bookmakers have to stop you winning, all hidden within their great-to-use betting apps etc.
  3. We also choose some betting markets which are only available at NetBet, such as Goal Crazy, and Total Team Goals in Second Half

2)      When you see new free football tips posted:


3)      You don’t have to bet with NetBet but please don’t ask for help or alternative bets when you cannot find special bet markets at your bookmaker of choice. We run free football tips with a simple structure, please don’t make it hard for us.

If you want to Join NetBet, it only takes 2 minutes ⏳ and it’s worth it to follow our free football tips:

➡ (Same Link In Post)

4)      The Straight to Bet-slip link never changes and always links to the latest betting tips we have posted, straight into your NetBet bet-slip, this saves so much time when following our free football tips!

Here is a direct link to the netbet bet slip (Same Link In Post)

5) The Latest Inplay Tips are always shown here:

 Free Football Tips

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Why Do We run Free Football Tips With NetBet?

There are many reasons why almost all of our bets are directed t0 NetBet, firstly, they have a surprising amount of inplay matches, and unique markets to go with them, they also never seem to limit your max stake when you start winning often enough, or add time delays to the processing of your inplay bets, and finally NetBet have never yet caused us any trouble when we try to withdraw and deposit large amounts of cash – unlike the big bookies who kick and scream whenever you withdraw!

We find even when you just use NetBet for Inplay Challenges alone, it is definitely worth it!

So, one more point about our bookmaker of choice for inplays, is that we want to ensure everyone is betting on the same bookie. We want the same bookmaker to be used because it makes it much easier to manage, and we can also provide a link straight to the bet! It is very annoying when followers message us to say they can’t find certain bets on their bookmaker’s website, especially when we provide a link straight to the bet-slip! You will save yourself a lot of time and just create an account for inplay betting challenges.

We know how to link our selected bets straight to the NetBet bet-slip so this saves everyone A LOT of time.

Don’t feel like you have to use NetBet if you really like your bookmaker, but WE BEG, PLEASE do not expect fast replies from the tipsters when you can’t find particular bets at your bookmaker, or if the odds are slightly different. its a waste of everyone’s time, especially when our tipsters are trying to research the next bets! rant over!

It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up at NetBet and you can quickly deposit via card, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, phone and more. So just Sign up to NetBet and save yourself the trouble now.

Cheers and good luck,
The Inplay Empire Team