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Accumulator Betting Tips, Best 10 Wins and Acca Offers from the Bookmakers

Accumulator Betting Tips, Best Wins, Offers and Promotions

We are interested in accumulator betting as a whole, including our own football accumulator betting tips, promotional bonuses and betting offerings from the most popular bookies, with a few new betting companies added to the bunch.

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Here is a quick Guide to this article:

  • Which is the best bookmaker for accumulator bets?
  • The Best Football Accumulator Tips for Today
  • How to Join Inplay Empire Accumulator Betting Tips?
  • The Inplay Empire Football Accumulator Strategy
  • How To Calculate an Accumulator Bet Explained
  • The best and biggest accumulator winners
  • Types of accumulators and slang

We want to make sure every punter has all the knowledge they need when choosing a bookmaker promotion for that special weekend acca. The better the knowledge, the better the accumulator betting profits.  

All the lads who work for Inplay Empire love an accumulator, so we’ve all chipped in with our best bookie accumulator tips.

We have deposited and made accumulator bets with every bookmaker listed here, but we’ve also made sure to read all the accumulator terms and conditions so you don’t have to!

Here we’ll run through what an accumulator is and the various accumulator bet types & slang. Finally, we’ll show you how to calculate the odds of a potential accumulator yourself. We’ve also provided an Accumulator calculator for good measure.

Which bookmaker is the best for accumulator betting?

We’ve listed and rated the best acca offers we could find and we hope helps you decide who to place your accumulators with! Some promotions are quite similar and others and truly unique.

If you are looking for a new bookmaker, check out our best 5 bookmakers ratings and reviews

NetBet are a growing UK bookmaker, and are one of our favourites for inplay betting, we use them for inplay betting and pre-match accumulators because they don’t limit your stake when you start profiting


NetBet will boost accumulator winnings by 50% on football accumulator bets, across many leagues including Premier League, Championship football and European competitions.

net bet accumulator offer


BetBright are a growing UK bookmaker with their roots held down in Ireland and are one of our favourites for inplay betting, we use them for inplay betting and pre-match accumulator tips because they don’t limit your stake when you start profiting unlike the big bookise like bet365 and betfair.


BetBright have an Acca Club and will give you a free football accumulator bet worth £25 every time you place 5 acca’s. If you are a football accumulator man, this is definitely a solid option for you, The Acca Club covers many leagues including Premier League, Championship football and European competitions.

betbright acca club


ComeOn! are lesser known int he UK, but are a huge brand across the Europe. ComeOn! uses one of the biggest odds platform providers for bookmakers across the world. So they know their stuff.
They have many inplay and pre-match markets with some live streaming thrown in too, check out their Accumulator promotion, the Free Bet Club


Not only do newcomers ComeOn! boost odds every day, they also have an industry leading Free Bet Club in a drive to get more UK players! The offer entitles you to Free Bets every Friday: just place MULTIPLES bets on your any sports events during the week. Track your progress daily, through our 3 club levels in the Club Page. It’s pretty simple, the more MULTIPLES bets you place Monday-Thursday, the higher Free Bet reward you win on Friday!

ComeOn! Free Bet Club


We all know who Coral are, they are on every street that has a pub on it. Their offer here is pretty poor, ut at least they’re trying!


You can get 10% extra winnings as a free bet when you bet on 4-fold accumulators or more. The max payout is only £100

Coral Accumulator boost promotion


The Best Football Accumulator Tips for Today

We run football tips every day, and you’ll find the best football accumulator tips for today and tomorrow here
It’s pretty simple to get involved, and we usually do all our betting at one bookmaker, our accumulators are mostly placed at BetBright, but we sometimes also continue on with our inplay favourites, NetBet

What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet, otherwise known as an acca, is a single bet which includes more than one selection. Multiple scenarios are added to the same single bet, essentially you’re forming a bet to say that a chain of multiple events will happen. Accumulator betting has held a strong foothold in the UK betting world for the last 25 years and doesn’t appear to be losing rank whatsoever. Even the bookmakers have started to provide both new customer and existing customer promotions, including enhanced odds and Acca insurance. Accumulators are attractive to punters for a few reasons, but one standout reason is the potential for immense winnings. An accumulator bet can create huge odds from simply combining a few single bets, which on their own are likely winners.  Please note that double chance bets, or Asian handicap bets are not classed as an accumulator.

How to join Inplay Empire Accumulator Betting Tips?

We mostly run a daily ‘overnight accumulator’ which we put up at about 11pm every night. We base this on a 5-fold bet and recommend a stake of £10 and are mostly all pre-match bets but sometimes include inplay bets, so be sure to follow quickly!
The Overnight Accumulator is published here on site, on Twitter and on Facebook. The quickest way to receive the overnight acca is via Facebook Messenger, just click on the button below to subscribe to Free Betting Tips via Facebook Messenger, you can do this on the button below, or on the ‘send to messenger button on this website. On Desktop it is in the top right corner, if you are on mobile, scroll down to the bottom of this article.

The Inplay Empire Football Accumulator Strategy

We use various tools to ensure our football accumulator strategy is a success to all our followers time and time again.
Mostly, we use our proprietary solution which is based on Poisson distribution and collated in a .php format. This mostly used on our Football Bets & Tips Website, otherwise known to UK punters as FBT. if you’re not sure what this type of prediction model is, check out this great article on Odds Model sportsbook website.

Why should you always look for accumulator betting tips?

To successfully pick out winning accumulators, a lot of form studying is needed as there are a lot of variables. On top of this, the best accumulator tipsters find good value odds as well as picking likely outcomes. This helps you the punter get an edge on the bookmaker. You see, bookmakers add a small margin to all of the odds listed on their online sites,  this helps them ensure they’ll make profits in the long run across all punters, even if you yourself grab a big win! If you find a tipster who takes this into account, you’re in for a treat!

The betting prediction tools available at Betegy are also great for this reason! They do the hard work for you, aside from placing the accumulator!

Betting on accumulators are usually high odds and we think you must approach this much like a hedge fund approaches investments, hedge funds are going for the long shot (high odds) but if they calculate the long-term rewards and take the right advice (tipsters) they should profit overall.

Let’s say all other elements of business are neutral, and the hedge fund has 20 failures to every success (20/1), at this rate they break even with their investments, if they take advice and observe statistics for more returns they may start to see only 15 failures to every success, resulting in huge profits! It’s the same process for accumulator betting. Of course this is a simplified version of the reality but hopefully, you get the point!

What is Acca Insurance?

Most bookies now offer this and they sure like to brag about it in their tv advertising. We often use this tool for our accumulator betting tips. The term Acca, of course, stands for an accumulator and the insurance part essentially means that you are covered if your Accra all goes wrong at the last hurdle! Most bookmakers now provide Acca insurance, and if they don’t, you need to reconsider betting with them. It’s probably a big sign to say they aren’t trying to compete for best odds and offers!

Acca insurance essentially means that the bookmaker will cover you in case your acca all goes Pete tong at the last hurdle! We’ve all been there with our fingers hovering over the cash-out button, but with hope and confidence that Paul Pogba will hit a cracker straight into the top corner. Sadly, sometimes we are left red-faced and broken-hearted.

Acca insurance generally means that if you place an acca, with all but one winning, the bookmaker will refund you. Some bookmakers will refund you in cash, others will only give free bets.

Typically, a bookmaker requires the accumulator to be at least 5 folds in order to qualify for acca insurance.
This has saved punters a fortune since it came about and we often take advantage of it when we publish the Inplay Empire Daily Accumulator Betting Tips!

Check out our acca offers comparison table above!

What is Each-way betting and placing?

Each way betting is a common factor is horse racing. There are other examples of each-way betting such as in Golf or on the dogs, but most punters will use this when backing a pony to get up in the top finishing places.

An each-way bet is made up of 2 separate parts, one is the win, the other is the place. In terms of horse racing, a place can be anything up to even 5th position.  

Placing is a way of saying you think the horse will win, or be a top finisher within a certain position of the winner.

For more information and explanations about Each way betting and places, visit our Guide To Each Way Betting, we also cover the use of Each Way in accumulator betting. This can be a great addition for you when following our accumulator betting tips.

How to calculate an accumulator Bet Explained

Firstly you will find it easier to get your individual selections into decimal odds.

If you have fractional odds, you simply do the following calculation.

Divide the numerator by the denominator, then + 1. The +1 stands for the Stake.

So let’s say you wish to convert ½ odds to decimal:

(Numerator / Denominator) + 1 =Decimal odds

(1 / 2) + 1 = 1.50

Let’s say you have 4 selections and want to know the total odds if you are to combine them as an accumulator on a £10 bet. You must now complete the following calculation:

Stake X selection 1 X selection 2 X selection 3 X selection 4 = potential returns

£10 X 1.5 X 2.5 X 2.0 X 1.60 = £120

£120 divided by £10 is 12.0, which is 11/1 as a fractional odd.

So the fourfold accumulator odds are 11/1

When we are running our accumulator betting tips, there is no need to do the maths, we do it all for you.

Top 10 Football Accumulator Wins

TypeStakeWinningsBookmakerNews Story
16 Fold£1£180,000William HillThe Mirror
10 fold£10£116,000LadbrokesThe Mirror
22 fold£49.50£53,000betfairThe Daily Star
14 fold£2£92,000CoralThe Telegraph
15 fold30p£500,000William HillDaily Mail
10 fold£1£50,
8 Fold£100650,000William HillCoventry Telegraph
9 fold£1,000577,000Paddy
3 fold£2£10,000BoyleSportsDublin
4 fold15p£20,000SkyBetSky Sports
10 fold  £1           £250,000  Paddy Power

How To Win Football Accumulators

Here is a quick Guide to giving yourself the best chance at winning football accumulators:

  1. If you are following a tipster, make sure to sit out and watch their tips for a few days before getting involved in their accumulator betting tips
  2. Do your own research, no matter if you are following an accumulator tipster or not
  3. Know what your stop loss is, a stop loss is the amount of money you are willing to risk, so if you accumulator is on its way to failure and you can cash out part of your stake, at which point do you do it?
  4. Never bet accumulators on friendly games or games with unknown form
  5. For long-term gain, never bet above a five-fold accumulator, as that becomes more like playing the lottery, it severely decreases the odds probability of situations occurring.

You can follow our Accumulator betting tips here:

We specialise in late night daily football bets and run our branded Overnight Accumulator

Accumulator Betting types Terminology, and Slang

The Double:
This is made up of two single bets, combined to create one offering. Each selection must individually win for a total payout.  

The Treble:
This is made up of three single selections. Each selection must individually win for a total payout.
We often provide treble bets for our accumulator betting tips and overnight acca’s.

The Fourfold accumulator:
This is a single bet placed on four individual selections and each selection must have a winning result for there to be a payout on the accumulator.

The Fivefold accumulator:
A favourite of the tipsters and we use five folds when publishing our accumulator betting tips.
This is a single bet placed on five individual selections and each selection must have a winning result for there to be a payout on the accumulator.

The Sixfold accumulator:
This is a single bet placed on six selections, again, each individual bet must win for there to be a winning accumulator result.

The Sevenfold accumulator:
This is a single bet placed on seven individual selections and all of the selections must win to get the payout from the bookie!

A Trixie:
This is known as a full cover bet, allowing punters to take up on all potential combinations of combination bets, when three selections are wanted as a single bet. A Trixie is a bet on three selections but made of four separate bets, this could be 3 doubles and a treble bet which covers the selections. At least two selections must win get a payout. We tend to only run trixie’s for our accumulator betting tips when we have some great insight on the horses running today.

A Patent:
This is a wager on just three selections, but it’s a total of seven separate bets; three doubles, a treble and three single bets. For a patient, only one winning selection is needed to guarantee a return of any kind. This doesn’t guarantee a profit.

A Yankee:
This is a punt on four selections, which is made up of 11 separate single bets; there are six doubles with four trebles and a 4-fold accumulator. To get a return here you need a minimum of two selections to win, but you will only get the full quoted payout is all selections win.

A Lucky 15:
You must bet on 4 selections, with a total of 15 separate bets; on these selections. This must be made of six doubles, four trebles, a fourfold accumulator plus four singles. You only need to get one winning selection here to get a return. This does not mean a profit. Payouts are progressive depending on the number of winning selections and their odds.

A Canadian/ Super Yankee:
This is a wager on five individual selections, which is made up of 26 separate bets on these selections; consisting of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfold accumulators and a 5-fold accumulator. You need to get 2 winning selections to receive any form of return!

A Lucky 31:
A wager on five selections, which is made up of 31 separate bets; 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five fourfold accumulators, one fivefold accumulator plus five singles. In this case, only one winning selection will guarantee a return

The Heinz:
This is a bet on six selections, which themselves are a combination of 57 different bets. ; 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators and one sixfold accumulator. A minimum of two selections must win to gain a return. The name of this bet type is derived from the slogan of the baked beans specialist; H. J. Heinz Co. They’re slogan said ’57 varieties’.

A Lucky 63:
This is made of 6 selections, which themselves are made up of 63 separate bets; 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfold accumulators, six fivefold accumulators, one sixfold accumulator and six single bets. In this case, only one winning selection will guarantee a return of any kind. The return is progressive and the more selections which win create a larger return.

The Super Heinz:
This is a seven selection bet. It includes 120 separate bets and is made up of 21 doubles, 35 trebles, thirty-five 4-fold accumulators, twenty-one 5-fold accumulators, seven 6-fold accumulators and one 7-fold accumulator. To get any form of return, there need to be 2 winning selections. The payout is progressive depending on the success rate.

A Goliath:
A punt on eight selections made up of 247 separate bets on these selections; 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfold accumulators, 56 fivefold accumulators, 28 sixfold accumulators, 8 7-fold accumulators and one 8-fold accumulator bet. A minimum of two selections must win to receive a return of any kind.
Obviously, we stay away from these when running accumulator betting tips, it’s just way too much of a gamble than an accumulator strategy! but always good fun to bet £1 and pray you are 500 grand richer by the end of the day.