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Inplay Betting and Football Tips

Read below, we’ve answered as much as we can in regard to our inplay betting, free football tips, todays betting tips and how we strategise our betting for long run winnings

 What is Inplay betting?

We all know what sports betting is, but the idea of inplay betting is fairly new to a lot of folk, given the length of time us punters have been wagering our lunch money on football tips, horses and anything else we think we can profit on.
A bet becomes inplay betting if it occurs whilst the event is in motion, for example: by placing a bet on a football team to win whilst the match is 70 minutes into the game, or by wagering on Rory Mcllroy to win the first day of the US Open after he has already played his first ball of the day.
Lots of online bookmakers instead call this Live Betting, but to us, it’s always been inplay, or in-running.

The beauty of inplay lie’s in a few action points for us:

  • live streaming of events is often available
  • Opportunity to profit quickly, especially with the new creation of fast-markets (next 5 minute’s etc)
  • Hundreds of events, and thousands of markets available to bet on 24/7

So what are the opportunities with inplay betting?

Inplay betting has come about with such pace, that bookmakers set up and go live with thousands of events every week, from the big English Premier League clashes to u-17 matches taking place in Scotland or Japan. Bookmakers rely on their technology, Odds platforms and algorithms to provide odds for all inplay matches, but simply cannot manage and do not know the real prices of lower league football. This is where our knowledge and skills come in to help you profit from football and events occurring across the globe

So we assume you are now wondering why we do inplay betting tips as rolling challenges, where the previous winning bet is the entire stake of the next bet? We do this because it helps scale our bets to huge potential winnings, whilst only ever risking the original stake of the first bet.
For example:

Inplay TipStakeResultReturnedCashed out

Why Does Inplay Empire Exist?

As you can see here, we had over £1000 profit, but when the losing bet occurred, we only lost £25 (our original stake). This is the very reason we love inplay challenges & Challenge Bets, or roller bets as some people also call them.

We are a collection of full-time bettors who decided to start publishing the bets we research for ourselves. We’re based in multiple cities in the UK and we mostly trade football on various exchanges, with daily betting at bookmakers we trust.
As mentioned quite often by us here, we don’t expect to win every single bet, but if you follow us over the course of weeks and months, you will see how our profit margin starts to rack up on our inplay betting tips.

How do you make money betting on Inplay Football Matches?

Mostly, our inplay betting tips are challenge bets starting from £25 then scaling up to £700 and £1000, we also do some mini live betting tips up to £150 and £250. We make money on this through consistency, we know we are willing to risk £25 to gain £1000, who isn’t? So if we have even 10 efforts at this,
the maximum we would lose is £250. However, we do one smart little move which is actually very simple. When we have won 3 or 4 bets in a row, usually setting us on a bank of around £150 – £200, we then advise you to take out your original stake of £25 before we continue. This is of course up to you, but what it means is that you can lose the challenge yet still have the original stake to go again with at no extra cost, thus always only ever risking £25 to make £1000.

Why Do you publish Inplay Challenges?

We publish most of our betting tips so more people can take advantage of informative betting and actually start to profit from inplay football on a more frequent basis.

We tend not to publish all of our bets, becuase that’s just too much pressure, but when we are feeling social enough, we love getting a bunch of people on our football tips and £1000 Challenge Bets! it feel’s 100 times better when you know a load of other people have also pulled the bookies pants down!

How To Join the Inplay Challenges?

It’s really simple to join our inplay challenges, but we have certain rules, otherwise, we will get sick of you pretty quickly.
Click on the below button to go to our inplay challenges page:

  1. Don’t ask us where the bet is on your own bookmaker, we provide a link straight to a bookmaker betslip for a reasonm, so we are all safely betting at the same bookmaker. We do this for a variety of reasons
  2. Don’t kick off at us if we lose one bet in 10, it’s incredibly annoying, just load up and win it back on the next round. We discuss how we work on challenges, if we have to risk a few deposits to win £1000, it is no problem to us.
  3. Sign up to facebook and twitter notifications, the best thing to do is to send us a message on facebbook messenger, we publish all of our betting tips to facebook messenger.

Where are todays football tips?

You can find todays football tips by navigating to the inplay challenges section of Inplay Empire site. We run football tips every day, pre-match, Live betting tips and accumulator tips.

We aren’t always providing betting tips as sometimes we don’t wish to bet on any of the games we see, or we just need a well-earned break and some time with our families, we’re incredible bettors compared to the norm, but we’re only human!

Do you run Both Teams To Score Tips, known as BTTS Tips?

If you didn’t already know, BTTS is an abbreviation of Both Teams To Score, one of the most popular betting choices for the average punter. However, it seems simple, but has a way of being a twisted road to long-term wins! Odds are usually skewed to give out bad returns on BTTS bets in comparison to the probability and risk taken when backing BTTS tips. We pick out Both Teams To Score Tips in most of our Inplay Challenges and Acca tips, but like to balance BTTS tips with overs, first-half wins and asian handicaps when appropriate.

Which Bookmaker do you use for Inplay Tips? and why do you only use one bookmaker?

We have been using the same bookmaker for inplay betting and accumulator tips for almost 1 year! Its been a long road to learn these lessons and insider tips, but you should know that the biggest, fastest, easiest to use, nicest looking bookmaker websites are not always the ones you should bet with if you are seriously interested in making money.
Being someone who has or has had an account with nearly every British bookmaker, I can tell you that the big bookmakers are on fire when it comes to shutting down your accounts when you start winning a lot, that’s why they are the biggest! with the most expensive websites! We use NetBet and you can find out when we use them for inplay challenges here: Best Live Betting Bookmaker

Is there a minimum stake to join the Inplay Challenges?

There is no minimum or maximum first Stake amount for our inplay challenge tips. We promote £25 as the first bet stake as we are comfortable with this amount for our inplay bets and it is large enough to scale into large numbers after 3 or 4 successful bets.
The inplay challenges usually range from £25 – £700 or £25 – £500. Occasionally we run mini challenge bets up to £250.

A £700 inplay challenge usually takes 10 bets to complete.

How do you keep track of football matches that aren’t on TV?

When there isn’t a match on tv we either stream the match via or we use products and websites that have ‘scouts’ at the games.
These are the same people that provide live action data to bookmakers, but when you use their broadcasts directly, there is no delay. Unlike when watching games on a bookmaker website, for example, many of todays football tips will take advantage of live scouts at games to ensure we know the scene before the bookmaker is able to change all of the inplay odds.

When you follow our football tips today, just make sure you are ready with the bookmaker we suggest, with your account loaded and password known! otherwise, you’ll be a very annoyed chap when todays football tips come in!

How do you pick out profitable tips from all of the games?

As explained below, we use a certain type of mathematical prediction model. This is an algorithm which summarises historical data and variables, against the current scenario, such as last 6 Games played, injured players, player form, pitch condition, time of the match, performance in competition, h2h data and much more.
The algorithm which is based on Poisson Distribution then gives us a set of likely scenarios, otherwise known as probabilities.
We then compare these to the odds offers by bookmakers and select a bet which we deem to have the best value.

Which Sites do you use to research Inplay Betting Tips?

We use an array of data websites and also use our own betting strategy.
Our own trading model is based on Poisson distribution, this means we run our predictions on previous results, scenarios and variables, against recent form and current variables such as missing strikers or injured goalkeepers. This gives us a very well rounded expectation of what will occur in every match which we tip on.

We use data websites when we are not able to gather the data ourselves quickly enough, or to give a second opinion of our predictions.
Our favourite sites are:

All the best football tips,
The Inplay Empire Team
The 5* Star best football tipsters