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The Over 0.5 goals strategy which is used for our daily tipster challenge and over 0.5 goals tips is a timeless favourite with our followers. It is one of the most secure and fastest challenges you can do as a punter. We run through what exactly an over 0.5 goals tips betting challenge is, how we developed our Over 0.5 goals strategy, and how we get the betting system to work in our favour every week on football tips for today, tomorrow and this weekend.

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What is the over 0.5 goals Strategy for Inplay Betting Challenges?

The name sells itself, but to dig into what the Over 0.5 Goals Tips challenge really is all about is still worth discussing. Here, generally, we are not concerned about who the winning team is, or even any result of one team. We just want to see at least one goal scored in the match, or in the period we have specified, such as the first half, or in the next 10 minutes – otherwise known as over 0.5 goals.

If you are wondering why such betting markets are measured by .5, such as over 0.5, over 1.5, over 2.5 and so on, this is because saying ‘1+ goals in a match’ has had many interpretations, meaning bookmakers often had punters complaining about their payout or loss, this is certainly one method of how to win money betting. The over .5 goals element is a clear definition of what must be done for the bet to win.

We run Over 0.5 Goals Tips because when this betting strategy is done correctly, it can be a very long-term profitable way to bet, especially when used in conjunction with our famous £1000 tipster challenge. Rather than just betting the same amount on every bet, we progressively increase the stake because it is a much faster way to finish the over 0.5 goals tips when you use goals betting for the £10 to £1000 challenge

Remember, if you are looking for todays betting tips make sure you are set up with the right bookmakers as suggested by me. It’s important to be using the same UK betting sites as us if you want to get on all the over – under betting tips.

How to Join the Over 0.5 Goals Tips Challenge for Inplay Betting?

It’s easy to join in with our over 0.5 goals tips, we only have a few requirements if you do follow:

  • We tend to use the same bookmaker for the challenges and advice you to use the bookmaker we choose. We do this because we link directly to the bookmaker betslip to save you time, and we hate it when we get sent lots of messages asking where the bet is on a different bookmaker, its a huge waste of time, so if you follow the bets, just sign up to the best UK bookmaker for inplay tips on the day and get ready to profit. Even if you only use the bookmaker for our challenges, it’s definitely worth it.

What is the Inplay Empire Strategy for Over 0.5 Goals Challenge Bets and tips?

So you’ve been there, right? you’ve thought many games will have a goal in the whole match or one half and you’ve got it wrong, you’ve probably lost a few hundred quid by now with these poorly informed bets that you thought were guaranteed wins. We want to make sure you stop doing that, and you stop handing away you cash to the bookies every weekend.

The idea is simple, but the execution of the over 0.5 goals strategy is not an easy system to manage.

The Plan: Load up your account with £25, pick a match either pre-match or inplay, bet your £25 on over 0.5 goals, win, get your money back + profit, put it all on a second bet and so on and so on until you hit the target, usually this is a £1000 target to complete the challenge. Here is an example:

1Over 0.5 goals£25.001.44Won£36.00
2Over 0.5 home goals£36.001.41Won£50.76
3over 0.5 goals£50.761.56Won£79.19
4Over 0.5 First Half Goals£79.191.23Won£97.40
5Over 0.5 goals£97.401.48Won£144.15
6Over 0.5 First Half Goals£144.151.55Won£223.43
7Over 0.5 Away Goals£223.431.66Won£370.90
8Over 0.5 goals£370.901.83Won£678.74
9Over 0.5 home goals£678.741.2Won£814.49
10over 0.5 goals£814.491.25Won£1,018.11

The thing is, punters often do not follow the best Inplay tipster and inevitably lose their initial stake’s time and time again, therefore, punters lose money every week by following bad tips then make stupid bets on their own accord to chase the losses!

What is the best run Inplay Empire have had with the Over 0.5 Goals Strategy?

We can sometimes successfully complete 2 or 3 challenges per month, and stop betting once we hit the £1000 goal! This isn;t a guarantee for future success, but we try to stick to the same strategies time and time again.

Which Leagues are used for the Over 0.5 Goals Challenges?

There are many leagues that have huge average goals per game, but some of these are highly volitile and you can find little information on the players, pitches, recent form and other betting strategy key indicators.
We focus mostly on European football, with some Asian, Australian and USA football league’s thrown in for our over 0.5 goals challenges.

Here is a list of the top 50 goalscoring leagues which we trust – we have only included leagues and countries which have enough data to allow us to provide accurate betting tips and strategy, therefore we have bypassed various high scoring leagues such as the San Marino Campionato

RankcountryleagueGoals per game
1GermanyOberliga Bremen4.4
2DenmarkLigaen U194.39
3GermanyOberliga Flens4.3
4ScotlandHighland League4.29
5Denmark3F Ligaen4.24
6WalesCymru Alliance4.21
7DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 43.97
8WalesWelsh Football League Division One3.93
9DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 33.89
10DenmarkDanmarksserien Grp. 13.83
11GermanyOberliga Hamburg3.82
12ScotlandDevelopment League3.76
13DenmarkLigaen U173.74
14Switzerland1. Liga Grp. 23.72
15GermanyOberliga NOFV-Nord3.61
16SwitzerlandPromotion League3.6
17EnglandPremier League 2 Division 23.53
18GermanyOberliga Niederrhein3.52
21ScotlandLeague One3.48
22ScotlandLowland League3.47
23Hong KongFirst Division3.45
24Switzerland1. Liga Grp. 13.43
25FranceDivision 13.41
26GermanyOberliga Hessen3.4
27NetherlandsTweede Divisie3.37
28GermanyOberliga Bayern South3.36
29AustriaRegionalliga West3.36
30EnglandSouthern Premier Division3.34
31GermanyOberliga Westfalen3.31
32N. IrelandPremiership3.3
33Switzerland1. Liga Grp. 33.28
34GermanyOberliga Rheinland-Pfalz/Saar3.27
35GermanyOberliga Bayern North3.27
36AustriaRegionalliga Middle3.25
37EnglandIsthmian Premier Division3.24
38TurkeySuper Lig3.21
39GermanyOberliga Baden-Wurttemberg3.19
40EnglandPremier League 2 Division 13.17
41N. IrelandChampionship3.17
42GermanyRegionalliga Bayern3.15
43NetherlandsEerste Divisie3.11
44EnglandNational League North3.1
45GermanyRegionalliga Southwest3.08
46GermanyOberliga Niedersachsen3.08
47AustriaRegionalliga East3.08
48Denmark1. Division3.08
50EnglandNorthern Premier Division3.07

Which bookmaker is best for Over 0.5 Goals Tips Challenges?

First of all, this really depends on what you are looking for, here are a few variables that we are often asked about:

  • The best odds
  • The Best over 0.5 goals promotions
  • The most inplay matches available
  • The best leagues for over 0.5 strategy
  • The best mobile app for over 0.5 goals betting

Which betting sites do Inplay Empire use for the Over 0.5 Goals Challenge Bets?

We tend to use betting sites which have many inplay markets for goals betting. Our betting tips cover goals betting from over 0.5 goals tips over to goals galore betting, as a result, we need a bookmaker which has a fantastic selection of betting markets.
So far, our favourites in no particular order are:

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