Guess what?! We have won the £30 to £1000 betting challenge for the second time in 4 days! smashing the bookies back to the stone age! We are looking forward to the World Cup! We think we'll get a £1000 win on the first weekend!
challenge win tuesday 15th May
>Boom! That’s the only word we can think of right now as we’ve just smashed home the second £30 to £1000 Challenge win in 4 days! Unreal! But the difference is that it is real! So god damn real that hundreds of Inplay Empire followers have been sending their love and donating to our MenCap JustGiving campaign to say thanks for changing their month significantly!

We returned £1200 in 9 bets on Tuesday 15th May, plus even more money in risk free revenue building as part of our inplay challenge strategy.

Starting stake: £30
Number of bets: 9
Returning Sum: £1200
Risk Free Revenue: £127

Total Returns: £1327

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All the best in your betting today,

Inplay Tipster