If you somehow missed it, our £30 to £1000 inplay challenge smashed through the barriers of success with a £1039 win last night! Friday 11th was the day the betting world stood still in our mind with an incredible succession of bets! The challenge was completed in 11 bets, with not a single bet coming out at lesser odds than 1.33.
challenge win friday 11 May
>Friday night was the first £1000 win of this month, and we are howling to grab at least one more before the month ends!

How do we win the £1000 challenge?

Through the use of our own betting predictions model, and the use of some great websites such as www.fctables.com, we research each tip to look for momentum in team form, player news, results in the last head-to-head match between the teams and how the current match is shaping up. We also pay for access to live streaming of 1000’s of football matches all over the world each week. Charlie puts all the hard work in for you, so you can simply follow the tips if you like the look of them!

Do we post every single bet we make?

Truth is, no. The bets mostly come from the main tipster and owner of Inplay Empire. Charlie is a retired financial trading professional with a similar background in working for companies like Paddy Power and Betfair. The bets posted are bets we feel we can share as they are simple enough to understand and with enough data on that Carlie feels confident enough to share with followers!

inplay challenge winner may 11

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