Cash Out lets you take a profit before an open bet has officially closed, or get some of your bet stake back if the event is going against you. This can be very useful if you are unsure if you're lead will continue or you need to regain some of your stake to help sustain your long-term betting profits.
When to cash out bet

What is Cash-out?

Cash Out is a feature that is popping up at almost every bookmaker, and there is a good reason for this! Cash-out can work to the advantage of bookmakers and this is why it has been provided to the public. Most punters do not know how to use cash-out effectively, and thus bookmakers enhance their profits and limit their risk on their profit and loss sheets.

How to use Cash Out on my bets

If you want to use Cash Out properly, you need to think like a financial trader, by this we mean you need to only use it for regaining losses, and never use it for an early profit. This is because the early profit you take is weighted against you, meaning that you actually make less profit than you should. In the long run, if you keep doing this, bookmakers increase the margin they have on your bets, as you are in a manner of speak taking the bet at poorer odds if you cash out before the bet closes.
Sports Traders use Cash Out as a type of stop-loss tool, meaning they know exactly how much money they are willing to risk on a bet, and if it is going against them, they know when to cash out and regain part of their stake. If you are very strict and know how much you are willing to risk, you can really enhance your long-term gains from accumulator betting.
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One thing you may now know about cash out is that there are many different types. Almost every bookmaker and betting site has basic cash out features, but we are starting to see some pretty cool innovation.

What are the Types of Cash-out?

Partial Cash Out:

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Why Can’t I Cash Out?

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