The £10 To £1000 challenge is one of the most popular challenge bets out there, but only a few tipsters do it right. We’ve been followers and providers of £10 to £1000 challenges for years and we’ve picked up a trick or two along the way. We've decided to do away with starting at £10 as you waste bets, if you are serious about earning the £1000, our inplay tips start at £25 or £30 to try and scale it up to £1000 winners!
10 to 1000 challenge

So What is a £10 To £1000 Inplay Tips Betting Challenge?

The £10 to £1000 challenge is a betting strategy that really grew in popularity between 2010 and 2014. The number of tipsters running these challenges has dramatically fallen and mostly because the majority of tipsters don’t have the tipping skills and risk management strategy to make it work in the long run. Many just win the £1000 betting challenge a couple of times from basically pure luck. If you want to join today’s inplay bets, which run live betting tips daily, click on the button below: To get into how the £10 to £1000 challenge works, it’s quite simple to follow but tough to achieve. You place a series of bets starting with a £10 Stake to scale up to £1000. For example, if the first bet returns £15 (£10 Stake + £5 profit), you then place £15 on the 2nd bet to return perhaps £22, then do the same again and again until you hit £1000. It’s always wise to bank certain portions of each winning bet to build up a bank to fall back on. There is of course a risk of losing several bets in a row without banking enough to cover the losses.

As a quick note, If you follow any bets posted, you must be 18+, be located in the UK and bet with your own money. The last thing I want is someone with a gambling problem to follow any bets, if you have issues with gambling please go to

Are The Inplay Betting Tips Free?

100% Free and always will be! Our free betting tips are in our humble opinion, some of the best free football tips you will follow. We know this because some of our subscribers are trying to chuck money at us every week for paid subscriptions and one to one guidance. We prefer any paid subscription to instead to go to our charity fundraising for MenCap, so if this is you, please just pop us a message on Facebook and we’ll point you in the right direction.

How to Join £10 To £1000 Betting Challenges by Inplay Empire?

It’s totally free and easy to join or inplay challenges, just click on the button below to see the latest tips.
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How does Inplay Empire pick winning bets for the £1000 challenge bets?

That’s a big question and we hope we have summarises it fairly well above but to go into more detail, our main tipster is someone who has worked for bookmakers and sportsbooks alike as a risk analyst, odds compiler, quantitative analyst, sports trader, and as a risk technology manager. He knows the ins and outs of most bookmaker systems. The chief tipster mostly uses various algorithms and risk systems to pick researched tips. He has picked out a few bookmakers which show signs of poor risk management and enough inplay events and markets that allow us to potentially greatly profit on inplay tips. This means we often tip on markets which the likes of bet365, Betfair and Ladbrokes do not have offered.

What is the best run Inplay Empire have had with £10 to £1000 Tipster Challenge?

As a tipster, we’re not supposed to promote past winnings if we cannot provide exact proof to betting regulators. We’d rather avoid this administrative hassle, so you’ll just have to watch or follow our bets to see how we do, then make the call yourself.

We start each challenge from either £25 to scale up to £1000 or from £30. Just check out our Facebook reviews, or comments on Facebook and Twitter to realise the damage we do when we are bookie bashing! Our followers love our tips and the bookies we bet with are often not aware of our pooled attempts to win the £1000 as they’re too busy trying to ward off arbitrage betting, penny winners and other activity. Our overall top line inplay betting strategy is based on statistical analysis, inplay behaviour, and odds offered against probability of the bet winning.

Which sports and Leagues are mostly used for £1000 Inplay Tips?

95% of our inplay bets are on football. We mix it up quite a lot but many of our inplay bets go on high scoring leagues and those which bookies have little intricate knowledge about, often allowing for slightly incorrect odds pricing which we can take advantage of. There are too many emotions in top league English football, so we often stay away from the top U.K. football leagues. To list a few countries who have leagues which interest our inplay tipsters: Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Turkey, England, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Australia, Greece, Belgium, USA, Netherlands and Egypt. The important indicators of whether a match is worthy of a punt are mixed vastly meaning we build an respectfully accurate picture of how the teams play against each other, their form, lineups, past results, location and weather and odds margin. The odds margin is our calculation of how well the selected bet is priced against our own valuation of the event occuring. If we see an event being more likely to occur compared to its price, we’ll often tip on the market because, in the long run, it helps us build odds margin on bookmakers meaning we boost our betting profits, but it does not guarantee it will win.

Which bookmaker is the best choice for Inplay Tips £1000 Challenge?

We tend to use NetBet for various reasons which we map out on our Live Inplay Betting Tips page and on our NetBet Review

Bet365 and Betfair probably bring you the best mobile experience when inplay betting, but this doesn’t mean they are best for your bank balance, you should probably consider why those bookmakers are able to provide such great betting apps and betting experiences – it’s all paid for with the money they win from you!

We also choose many bet selections which are not available on bookmakers such as bet365, William Hill, Skybet, Betfair, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Coral and Betway. Many of the markets we choose to tip on are exclusive to SBtech powered bookmakers such as NetBet, MansionBet and ComeOn!. Here are a few examples of the markets we go for:

  • Over/Under 0.5 First Half Home Team Goals
  • Over 0.5 First Half Away Team Goals
  • Goal Crazy
  • Number of Home Team First Half Goals
  • To Win Either Half

We know the bookmakers we bet with do not often have the resources to invest as much into risk management as other top rank bookmakers, and often rely on 3rd party suppliers to handle their risk management remotely, meaning you can go longer without having your account max bets limited or being banned from the bookmaker for winning too often. One of our tipsters even has 3 accounts at the same bookmaker and rotates between them, occasionally putting in some dummy bets which he knows are total punts if suspicious about the account being monitored! Bet365 have marked up most of my accounts as dangerous within the first weeks of opening – they’re that good at limiting you!

Are you looking for something else? Perhaps you are looking for our accumulator tips or you want to get started on our free football tips now, check out these areas of the Inplay Empire site before you bet, it’s always good to have a play on free casino games or get free bets before you start spending your own money: